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History and philosphy

There is not a time in my memory when photography was not a part of my life. My father Andy Most, a photographer, opened Foto Center Inc., a retail photography and film servicing store, in 1964 in Mayfield Heights Ohio. Growing up around cameras and meeting many local professionals only further peaked my interest. I began managing the store for him full time in 1982. Since that time I have grown to love photography and all its related components, from darkroom to antique cameras. Large format photography was especially interesting to me. This format allowed me to experiment with larger print sizes and more ellaborate subjects. Infrared also became a specialty of mine and something that I enjoyed immensely. Moving from film and, albeit reluctantly at first, learning the computer and digital manipulation; I began working with Photoshop starting in 1994. After working with the computer for a few years I shot my first digital event in 2002. My experience with traditional photographic and darkroom processes has informed and enriched my digital technique. For me, photography is still the same; lighting, position, and seeing beyond the obvious; digital is simply another tool. Digital photography has opened up endless opportunities for expression, creativit,y and style. Having experienced the full spectrum of photography, digital photography brings an anticipation for the future that is both exciting and overwhelming.